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What You Need to Know About Google’s Local Pack

Have you ever heard of Google’s Local Pack – also referred to as the Map Pack or even the Snack Pack? Rather than heard of it, you have probably come across it a lot when using Google’s search engine. The Local Pack can bring outcomes that are hugely important to your small business’ success. So enough with the mystery, let’s unpack what this local pack is and how you can use it to your advantage.   1) What is the Local Pack? The Local Pack is a section of Google’s search results that show the local business related to your query. Whenever your query has local intent, Google will show three local businesses that might answer your query. A little while back these local packs were referred to as the 7-pack, as they displayed 7 of the most popular businesses in the area. In keeping up with growing mobile phone usage, Google cut down their 7-Pack down to just three results, along with some changes to the ways the algorithm ranks local results. Now when you search for local businesses, whether on desktop or phone, you will be shown the 3-Pack. Even more recently, Google has started trialing a “paid spot” in their highly coveted 3-Pack. Google’s local 3-pack of organic listings may begin to show ads for certain searches, bringing the number of organic listings down to just...

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How Mobile Apps Are Transforming The Fitness Industry

Health and wellness is quickly becoming a top priority for an increasing number of people, and a core component of this trend is fitness. With this growing demand comes the inevitable growth in gyms, trainers, and related experts all vying for health-conscious customers. It’s a 3.4 trillion-dollar global industry with several different niches. It doesn’t matter if your approach is holistic, straight up about hard science, program/method specific, or general as in telling clients to just eat healthy and exercise. What matters is that your gym stands out in its niche. As with most things these days, an individual’...

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